Our community projects provide neighbourhoods with access to healthy, affordable food. Community members learn to grow and cook produce from the garden, and enjoy the benefits of a nutritious diet. Our garden-based social enterprises offer job training and business opportunities.

The gardens offer neighbourhoods with limited green space a beautiful place for children and adults to safely play and learn. 


Our teachers welcome community members to participate in gardening classes and special workshops. Classes are tailored to the interests of the community with a focus on practical training and employment opportunities. Our workshops are designed to lead to employment in Mona’s social enterprise projects, and cover plant propagation, cooking, preserving, fermenting, composting, ceramics, natural fabric dying, motorbike mechanics, beauty and soap. 


Each 24 Carrot community garden is designed by an architect selected by Mona. The architect collaborates with the community to develop and build the garden infrastructure, which includes:

  • shaded learning and cooking areas;
  • communal dining tables;
  • outdoor kitchens, featuring barbecues, clay ovens, outdoor sinks, pizza ovens, kitchen equipment and materials;
  • annual and perennial food gardens and fruit orchards;
  • greenhouses;
  • chicken coops;
  • composting and vermiculture facilities;
  • water harvesting and storage systems; and
  • water-wise irrigation systems.

Zero Waste

All 24 Carrot gardens operate with sustainability principles, including our zero-waste practice and revegetation of the surrounding neighborhood. Ceramic workshops produce tableware to eat and serve food on, eliminating disposable waste. Cloth napkins are dyed with plants from the garden, and soaps are sold in bars and refillable glass pump containers. 

Community Engagement

Community engagement and connection is fostered through a range of events held in the gardens. The gardens are the social hub of the neighbourhood—a place where residents come to share knowledge, work and play.