MONA Project Team

Kirsha Kaechele is our 24 Carrot Co-founder and Mona Curator of all things special. Kirsha has an eye for design detail and a commitment to inspiring bold, original and creative ideas.

Steve Devereaux is our Site Projects Manager at Mona. He looks after the day-to-day operations of Mona as well as all of our special build and design projects. 

Reuben Parker-Greer, Project Manager, is completely bananas for growing nutritious and healthy organic food. With a background in permaculture and education, his eyes sparkle most when he’s surrounded by students in the garden

Tamas Oszvald, Project Manager, is a Roaming Tree. With a background in community engaged art, performing and permaculture he always has a story to share if you need inspiration.

Renate Hughes, our volunteer Community Development Consultant, is probably the kindest and most generous person you will ever meet. 

Sarah Proud, Site Projects Coordinator at Mona, enjoys the simple things in life.


24 Carrot Advisory Board

Ange Miezitis, Principal and Co-Founder, Brighton Primary School

Fraser Petrie, Business Services Manager, Colony47

Lissa Villeneuve, Food Programs and Events Manager, Sustainable Living Tasmania

Marcus Ragus, Manager of Learning and Community Engagement, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Mark Fountain, Deputy Director, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Niall Doran, Director, Bookend Trust (Pennicott Foundation)

Ange Barry, CEO Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation